I opened my bag and was horrified!

I had forgotten to pack my past.

The feelings I packed proved totally useless.

Sure it was something I intended to pack.

But I would rather have  packed my past.

Mom said packing my feelings would come in handy

but she was surely wrong.

When I was in bed I should have thought ahead.

things would be diffrent  now.

I shiped my bag across the world so I could forgive and forget.

But now I need it back really bad so I can pack my past.


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I’m afraid of my past as well as my dad.

I’m afraid of my mistakes as well as my future.

Why must there be change, why must there be love?

Couldn’t we live without rejection or death?

OR even worms?

Why must there be the unknown?

Why couldn’t I just know all?

Why must there be fear?

Why can’t life just be easy?

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trey-songz-ar04.jpgTheres more fish in the sea, or atleast that’s what she said. AKA ME. Cause we in the bed like, ooh ooh, until she said “wtf, you got the magic stick.” I said “yeah, let me take you to the candy shop, I’ll let you lick the lollipop, then baby grind on me.” So we did, yum. Then she said “omg, i’m in heaven”. Then I said “I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T do you know what that means? you got your own house, you got your own car, two jobs, work hard, you girl a bad braud.” Then she said, “that’s what he said!” Then I said, “give me bleep, bleep”. Then she said “si (spanish)”. Cause we not in love but we pretend. We both know we just bleepin!

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HE IS SO FINE!!!!!!!!

He’s so fine and will soon be mine!!!!!!Yep, Yep! : D

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Letters from mom

Clean the kitchen, better be done before I get home.
I’ll be home after your in bed.
At a party, be back soon. I think.
Make your lunch, I’m getting my hair done.
Spent all my on my dinner party, so I can’t get you that dog. Sorry. }: )
My rooms a mess, please clean it.
On a date.
Go to your friend J.’s, I need the house tonight.
Sorry I’m not home, I just need time of my own right now.
Sorry ’bout the fight last night. I just been busy, thats why I’m not home. But hey, Dads coming to visit, so you’ll have someone to hang with. P.S. I’m going to florida for the week.

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I wont get out of bed and face another horrible day.
It’s always the same, it never changes.
Every day you wake up deathly early just to go to school.
You think ” hey, at-least there’s friends,” but whys that so great if all there
is are drama and tears.
Then you think “hey, at-least there guy’s” then you realize there are none.
Then you think,”at-least there’s classes.” Actually no.
There’s classes with teachers that hate you and homework that bores you.
Then you go back home to finish homework.
And go back to sleep. And to wake up the next day to face the
same boring world all over again.
So what’s the point.
I won’t get out of bed to face another horrible day.
J.K.,I don’t care if I get out of bed or not, so ya.

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My life? Simple. Ever since the day I was born.
First adoption. WOOOOOO!
Then mom came to visit and left. Forever.
Then lots of nephews and nieces. So cute.
Got in to sports. Soccer.
Then moved schools, lost friends, but got new ones. Yeah!
Went to high school. Fun.
Got a job. Hate it.
Got married.
Had kids. annoying.
Got grandkids.
My life? Simple.

February 8, 2008. poems!!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!. 6 comments.